Marathon Kicks | Nike Running Shoes

Marathon Kicks | Nike Running Shoes

For years I ran in the 2014 Nike Free 3.0 Flynits. I bought three pair just in case they never came back (they didn't,) and I ran all my miles in those shoes. Known for their minimal amount of cushion, sock like fit and sleek aesthetic, I compared every shoe on the market to the Nike Free 3.0 Flynits. Thankfully Nike Running has continued to develop running technologies with every runner in mind and four years later I have FIVE shoes I can train in!


Nike Zoom Pegasus 35

The Nike Running community LOVES the Zoom Pegasus but I've never been a fan of the bulky cushion system, the width of the toe box and overall fit. There was just too much shoe in the way and they never quite fit my foot like I wanted. Finally, in 2018, Nike reworked the Zoom Pegasus 35 with the female runner in mind! Most shoes are made with male specifications and then translated into women sizes. Now the Pegasus features more support in the upper area for a secure and snug fit along with lightweight Zoom cushioning for smooth transitions between each step. 

The Zoom Pegasus 35 has been great for my daily runs and hikes.  These were also crucial in helping me find proper running form!


Nike Zoom Fly

Remember I said I hate running in shoes with lots of bulky cushion? Well, let me introduce you to the newest edition to my collection: The Zoom Fly! The Zoom Fly has one of the lightest foam cushions and features a carbon-infused nylon plate for an incredibly propulsive feel with each stride. In other words, the Zoom Fly forces you to toe strike and helps you drive for a better running form. The Zoom Fly offers the cushion and protection most distance runners look for but avoids the bulky overlay of the traditional running shoe. I run in the Zoom Flys on my long runs. PRO TIP: be sure to try a half size bigger as these seem to run small.


Zoom Pegasus Turbo

The Pegasus Turbo is the latest and greatest edition of the classic Zoom Pegasus with upgrades for speed! Nike worked with elite marathoner Eliud Kipchogeto (world record marathoner) to develop the Nike Zoom X foam, which delivers Nike's greatest energy return yet. At an 85% energy return, the Zoom X cushion system is great for long runs but I've loved pushing boundaries and driving the pace on tempo runs. I log about 25 miles per week and most of them are in this shoe. 


Nike Epic react flyknit

I started running in the Epic Reacts a few months before marathon training began and I instantly fell in love. When I wear the Epic Reacts, I feel like I can run more aggressively and quicker on the track and on the road. There's no shoe in the way but the cushion is soft and bouncy! The Epic Reacts are my favorite shoe aesthetically with the very breathable and form fitting flyknit upper. 

Since the marathon training started I've used the Reacts for my Top End Speed workouts on the track and for tempo runs on the road.  The Epic Reacts and the Pegasus Turbo are tied at first for my favorite shoes to run in. 


Nike Free TR Flyknit 3

Along with Flyknit comes Flywire so even though it feels like you're lifting in socks, the flywire keeps your feet secure. With a wide, flat heel, it provides stability during high-intensity training but the sole of the Nike TR also allows for running! The flexible sole pattern supports lateral training movements as well as a weightless run. 

This has been an unbelievable summer for Nike Running and their contintued innovations. There is truly a running shoe for everybody that will inspire more miles and longer workouts from beginners to elite athletes!

The name Nike is very female. In Greek mythology, Nike is the flying goddess of victory. The mythological associations for the brand Nike are flight, victory, and speed. These power words fuel my training!



My thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.

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