My 3 Day Fresh Start

My 3 Day Fresh Start


If you shop at any grocery store you can tell that Suja Juice is one of the leading 100% organic cold pressed juice brands on the market right now. For at least three years now I have opted for Suja brand because they're easily accessible and because they taste so good! Suja has most recently created a much more extensive line of juices, kombuchas and plant protein milk. I've tried almost every product they offer, I just never put them all together for a full on cleanse. 

The Core Fresh Start Juice Plan

Suja offers a few different juices plans in store and on their website. Due to my self-diagnosed sugar addiction, I chose the Core Fresh Start because these juices collectively have the least amount of sugar. You know what? In one sentence, that right there is the reason why I did a three-day juice cleanse. Not to lose 10 pounds real quick, not to find clarity, not to start a spiritual journey, not to get more energy (all of these are great reasons). I did this cleanse because days before I started I was craving and binging sugary foods. Also because my friends over at Suja gifted me this cleanse so I could have a chance to try their Fresh Start and share my honest experience with you guys!


Each day you drink 6 juices and each bottle is 16oz of dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, organic fresh pressed ingredients. 

The Juices

Master Cleanse: purified water, maple syrup, lemon juice & ground cayenne pepper
Twelve Essentials: celery, cucumber, collard greens, lemon, kale, green chard, parsley, ginger, romaine, green leaf lettuce, peppermint and spearmint tea, spinach
Glow: green apple, celery, cucumber, kale, collard greens, peppermint and spearmint tea, spinach
Purify: carrot, cucumber, celery, apple, red beet, lemon
Fuel: carrot, orange, apple, pineapple, lemon, ground tumeric

I've been doing this juice thing for a while now & I have acquired tastes for so many things I used to scoff at. I say this to say, these juices are SO GOOD! If you're new to juices with fresh vegetables the flavors in some of these may catch you by surprise. Twelve Essentials has the most agressive flavor but is still very refreshing! When there's a flavor I'm not fond of, I tend to only taste that one in particular while drinking. I looked forwad to drinking Purfiy and Fuel each day because I love root vegetable juices. 


Day one started out great! I woke up and drank a full glass of room temperature water, immediately following up with the Master Cleanse (boom, easy). 4 organic ingredients to get your metabolism moving. While running morning errands I started on the Twelve Essentials bottle & it took me about an hour to finish. While there are many tastes I've acquired since being vegan, ginger and celery mixed with mint tea is closest to my least favorite. Through a plugged nose, I chugged the 16oz sporadically throughout the hour. At this point in the day, I drank at least 32oz of water along with the two juices meaning I peed 12 times before 11 am!


Normally I workout at least once per day but decided against it. Instead, I spent three hours at a beach in Malibu where I drank juices three and four, Glow & Purify. It sounds glamorous until of course I was faced with my bladder. Here is where I also learned that an idle mind is terrible during a cleanse. After about an hour at the beach, I was daydreaming about vegan donuts, crispy brussel sprouts, and caramel apples. I don't normally even have more than one full meal per day but I was cursing my decision to drink only juice for three days.

I made it through those thoughts thankfully and the real kicker was that I wasn't even hungry. I was so full from the juice and water I was just torturing myself with thoughts of solid food! I didn't make it around to drinking my second 12 Essentials until 9:30 pm which was supposed to be "dinner," followed immediately by the final juice, Fuel.

day two:

My explanation for the next two days will be short because they were basically like the first day. I drank juice while wishing I could snack on something with some crunch. Like I said before, I drink Suja juices daily as a meal replacement and I am fine. For some reason when I was under the juice only restrictions  I resented everything about kale and beets. I also began to learn so much about my relationship to food. I definitely eat when I'm bored (I snack on healthy things: sunflower seeds, dried fruits, and vegetables, etc) and I am never that hungry. When this happened I just drank more water. By the end of day two I regretted starting this cleanse. I can wholeheartedly say I am so thankful I made it through but on DAY TWO I questioned everything lol.

day three:

This is the day I broke all the way down. I got booked for a job at Santa Monica Beach with a 6 am call time. The one day I get booked to work on set this week would be the last day of my cleanse (crying emoji). I was only able to bring 3/6 juices with me because I knew the others would get hot throughout the day. Thankfully we were provided with fresh fruits and vegetables which I hoarded for the 13 hours I worked. Since Suja is sold everywhere, as soon as I was wrapped I headed to the local grocery store and purchased the remaining juices. Though, I can say that throughout this day I did not feel sleepy at all like I normally do while working. 

Takeaways & Benefits

Realistically I don't know who I thought I was to think I could be on a liquid diet for three days in the first place. My eating habits are apart of my lifestyle and are very much integrated in that way so I already enjoy these juices outside of a cleanse. Even though I solely decided to be on an eating fast, I wanted to rebel in the worst way. This exactly why I have never been on a diet. Instead I've cut things out that weren't serving me. 

I learned that I snack during the day mostly out of boredom and I only wanted to snack during this cleanse because I wasn't supposed to! Having a set diet throughout each day actually reduced the anxiety I normally have surrounding what I will eat. I didn't have to think about my next meal and I also saved money. Not having to cook or walk around the grocery store for a few days was refreshing! One of the main reasons I was able to stick to the cleanse was because of the convenience. Suja did all the juicing for me!

The days following the cleanse I went back to eating solid foods. This really means I ate cooked fruits and vegetables instead of them being juiced. I love sweets but I made it my mission to avoid ice cream and other vegan goodies in order to follow through with the point of this cleanse. 

If there’s anything else that you’d like to know about Suja’s Core Fresh Start Plan that I didn’t cover please let me know, I’d love to help! If you've been thinking about a cleanse, I encourage you to try Suja's! 

Disclaimer: Suja provided me with this complementary 3-Day Cleanse, but I was not compensated to write this review and all opinons are my own.
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