My Skin Has Lost Its Mind

My Skin Has Lost Its Mind

Recently my skin broke. all. the. way. out. I'm talking red pimples that are just outright embarrassing & every morning my skin was introducing me to a brand new one. I still don't know what caused this breakout but it lasted almost two months. Like everything else in my life, I tried everything I knew to holistically heal this. I bought a new ayurvedic skin regimen, I started drinking way more water, I was constantly washing my phone screen and changing my pillowcases. Everything that I felt I took for granted I quickly cleaned up 'cause you know. I was trying everything when I remembered face mapping! 


Chinese Face Mapping first looks to the body’s major elimination and detox systems – digestion (stomach, small intestine, large intestine, colon) and liver. According to the traditional healing wisdom in China, what affects one organ affects the other, what affects one system ultimately affects the whole of the body. Considering that our skin is our largest organ, it only makes sense that if something is wrong with it something might also be wrong with the internal organs too.


I broke out on my cheeks consistently and according to this face map the issue is gut/food related. This can usually be resolved by cutting out mucous forming foods like sugar, dairy and certain carbs and increasing intake of water, fiber and healthy fats to help digestion. Since my diet had already been conducive to these recommendations I knew I needed a reset/ cleanse!


Liver & Kidney

If we look at the Face Map it seems like my liver and kidney health are fine. Since the kidney and liver breakdown and rid the body of toxic substances, it made the most sense to start there. The Liver Health has a key ingredient, Milk Thistle that helps repair the liver as well as has antiflammatory properties. I chose this particular brand becuase it is a vegan, gluten and soy free mild cleanse. D-Mannose can be found cranberries, peaches, apples, other berries. By following the recommended dosage, D-Mannose can protect and cleanse the kidney. 


Aloe Vera and Magnesium

Aloe vera can help heal the lining of a damaged intestinal tract. When a person's gut lining is damaged, toxins can enter the bloodstream causing many issues but for all intents and purposes, aloe prevents breakouts! Aloe vera helps rid the body of harmful toxins and any food buildup. Magnesium helps neutralize stomach acid and moves stool through the intestines, again to eliminate toxins. I ended up with the Calcium Magnesium Potassium mix just so I could other vitamins all in one. 



Did you know that the human body stops producing collagen around 16-18 years old and exsisting collagen will begin to breakdown?!  Though most people don't notice the effects of losing collagen until their late 20s, skin elasticity declines. Taking collagen while treating a break out simply aids the healing process of your actual skin. Detoxing stops the breakout, collagen along with cleaning/ moisturizing the skin heals blemishes. 

Just to get to the point my face went from A MESS to A LOOK! And that's that! I take all of these vitamins and supplements on a regular basis and I intend to until my skin clears all the way up. Based on research of each brand & the ingredients each offer, I can still take these as a form of mantenance. There are countless skin care lines and topical remedies that definiteley do not work for everyone but I'm pretty much convinced clear skin can be achieved by healing your insides! 


In four weeks time (even through my period) I got rid of my acne! I also suffer from blemishes and scarring but with help from Collagen and Vitamin E Oil its healing! I still can't get over it. Please let me know if there are any questions I didn't answer (:

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