#BreakthroughLA | My First 5K Race

#BreakthroughLA | My First 5K Race


I have the most problematic love- hate relationship with running. One day I'm mapping out a half marathon and the next I'm snarling at my running shoes.

About 5 years ago was the first time I ever ran a long distance race with Nike and it changed my life. The Nike Running Community is like no other and I am always excited when Nike Los Angeles brings us all together!

#BreakthroughLA was a 5K time trial open to LA runners who were ready for a BREAKTHROUGH! A 5K on the last SUPERMOON of the year? Count me in! (hashtag, look at the moon, all night!)

For the last 8 weeks runners have been training in hopes of running their fastest 5K ever and y'all I sure did. I finished the time trial at 26:34 at an 8:15 mile pace & I'm still pumped about it! When's the next one Nike!?



I'm not the most conventional runner. When I know about a race/ time trial I don't take the time to train properly (I'm working on it), I just mentally prepare myself, stretch & go all out. Thankfully I had help from Koreatown Run Club for Breakthrough LA. This run club is a growing group of runners who literally love each other and each individual success! I don't normally get to make their weekly runs due to work and traffic but when I do I actually achieve running goals I never knew I had set.

Without KRC and my friend Andrea, I wouldn't have known about this Breakthrough time trial. When I found out I got a new pair of Zoom Pegasus 34 and got ready! I went to KRC's Monday Night 1 Year Anniversary where we ran a 5K through Mid-City with no expectations beyond having fun and celebrating their consistency as solid group. I smashed  the run with a 8:42 mile pace! Anything under 9 minutes is a victory for me (:


Three weeks later it was go time! It was time to recommit to a goal and exceed all limitations. This sounds like a lot of motivational mumbo jumbo but y'all all running things are possible with a solid support system. 

When I arrived to the time trial I was nervous. The night before I strained something in my groin learning how to do roundhouse kicks (another story for another day). Like, of all days, right? With this new ailment, my new goal was to just finish the 5K, finish without having to crawl through the finish line. I picked the third pace group out of four and thankfully so did everyone else I knew! I got to warm up, race and cool down with friends. 

The experience was indescribable and it was all a blur. 26 minutes normally feels like a long time when running but it flew by! The endorphin rush after though brought me back to my senses. I did it and crushed it!

I would not be the runner I am if it wasn't for Nike's Run Club and all the friends I've made along the way. #Breakthroughla helped me reimagine my running goals for the new year. 

I'm feeling a full marathon in the near future! f4%K Yea


My thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.

Some photos courtesy of Nike.

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